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School Friends


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The girls are back in town!!!

Amanda, Meredith, and Magen Sue watching some couple breaking up.

Stacie pretends she can't remember this night.

This is Stacie. She's a little intense.

Stacie a little ETOH

Half way through finals, section one unwinds at Mikey's Gyros.

Celebrating our final Final at Mikey's Gyros.



An arm wrestle broke out before they knew what hit them

Brian, Laura, and Gabbert up at Silver Mountain (

Soo, Andrew, C.J., Jesse, and Karin at the Garden.

The Gang (squinting at the flash)

Laura, Brian, and John (about to get kicked out).

John Skiing at Silver Mountain

Sunny Slope we hiked to to get some "powder" - ended up being kinda chossy shizzy snow.

Chris contemplating his next twenty or thirty turns.

Jolene and Rich

Mandy after her last final.